Bacteriophages, often called phages for short, are viruses that infect bacteria. They do this by latching onto bacteria and injecting their genetic material, essentially taking control of the bacteria. As a result, the infected bacteria are destroyed in the process. Bacteriophages play a significant role in controlling bacterial populations in nature and have potential uses in areas such as medicine, agriculture, and research. In contrast to antibiotics, phages can effectively destroy dangerous pathogens without harming useful bacteria in the environment in which they find themselves, as well as self-replicating to tackle all of the existing targets.


Eliava BioPreparations, together with the Eliava Institute, has the longest research history in the field of Bacteriophages. Together with the institute, it holds access to one of the largest and most unique libraries of bacterial strains to select, prepare, and develop highly effective phage preparation. The selection and development of an effective phage mixture against newly emerging clinical isolates are vital to fighting bacterial infections including multi-drug resistant bacteria and decrease of spreading resistance. Based on detailed research and study, scientists of the company can select the bacteriophages with the relevant properties and action mechanisms for the therapeutical product. We can target a broad range of bacterial strains and even in case of possible phage resistance, we can always select a new phage with a different mechanism of action. Eliava Biopreparations has a know-how methodology for selecting and developing highly effective and therapeutic phage mixture products (preparations).


Eliava BioPreparations (EBP) is a company that has inherited the successful approach of the Eliava Institute, which has been tested for over a century through clinical application. It holds an exclusive right to use scientific developments and produce phage-based preparations developed in collaboration with the Eliava Institute. EBP has a long history of producing highly effective bacteriophage preparations that have been proven safe and effective in numerous medical cases. Information about these cases have been published in peer-reviewed journals worldwide, and EBP's phage preparations are currently used internationally to treat both acute and chronic infections with success.