Eliava BioPreparations  is a phage pharmaceutical company. We develop and manufacture bacteriophage preparations for wide variate of applications including: human health, veterinary and environmental care.

Our product are developed at The Eliava Institute, world known center for excellence in bacteriophage research. Today our product proudly care a trademark “Developed by George Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology”.

Sharing the heritage and knowledge of more than 90 years, in phage research and development, we are producing most effective and safe bacteriophage preparations.


Website Under Construction.


Website Under Construction


Address: 3 Gotua str., 0160, Tbilisi, Georgia

E-mail: info@phage.ge

Tel: + (995) 32 2384240

Dear visitor while our web-page is under construction please send your questions to us via E-mail.  We will let you know once our web-site is fully functional. Thank you!