About us

Eliava Consortium

The scientists of the Eliava Institute founded the Eliava Foundation – a non-for-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting the development of bacteriophages globally.

The consortium unites 6 different companies and scientific institutions:

  • Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages - a renowned research institution dedicated to the study and development of bacteriophage-based therapies and treatments.
  • Eliava BioPreparations – specializing in the production of high-quality bacteriophage preparations for therapeutic and medical use. 
  • Eliava Phage Therapy Center - a leading medical facility that specializes in the application of phage therapy to treat bacterial infections in patients, offering hope for those with antibiotic-resistant conditions.
  • Eliava Diagnostic Center – a medical facility providing advanced diagnostic services, including medical imaging and laboratory tests, to support accurate medical diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Eliava Pharmacy - a trusted pharmaceutical establishment affiliated with the Eliava Institute, offering a wide range of medications, including customised phage preparations for personalised human use and healthcare products to serve the needs of patients and the community.

  • Eliava Phage Services - a specialized division of the institute that offers comprehensive services in the field of bacteriophages for various medical and industrial applications.

The goal of this consortium is to develop the broad application of Eliava products and services for human, animal, plant, and environment protection, to grow and sustain as an organization by using the existing long-term research experience starting since 1923, and to develop it according to the modern quality and standards requirements. 

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