At Eliava BioPreparations, our mission is to transform human health, animal care, food safety, and environmental applications through sustainable solutions based on bacteriophages. We are committed to addressing the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance and promoting the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We firmly believe that our scientific impact can be significant in combating antimicrobial resistance. By focusing on sustainable and effective and non-conventional alternative treatments utilizing bacteriophages, we aim to provide effective solutions while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Recognizing the need for collaboration and a global perspective, we actively seek out challenges and operate on par with international organizations and collaborations. Through partnerships and scientific exchanges, we contribute to collective scientific achievements aimed at combating antimicrobial resistance and advancing the field of bacteriophage therapy. Our efforts extend beyond creating and expanding global knowledge. We are driven by the desire to develop lifesaving products originating from Georgia that can benefit people worldwide. By pushing the boundaries of scientific research and fostering innovation, we ensure that our phage-based treatments are accessible to those who need them most. We embrace the One Health approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of human health, animal health, and the environment. By promoting the principles of One Health, we strive to achieve holistic solutions that improve the well-being of individuals, animals, and the planet.


Eliava BioPreparations is committed to revolutionizing human health by harnessing the power of bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are viruses that target and destroy harmful bacteria, offering a promising alternative to traditional antibiotics. This approach is crucial in the face of antimicrobial resistance, a global health crisis where many bacteria have become resistant to existing antibiotics. By utilizing bacteriophages, Eliava Biopreparations aims to provide effective treatments while minimizing the risk of further antimicrobial resistance. This innovative approach has the potential to significantly improve healthcare outcomes and save lives, offering hope in the battle against drug-resistant infections.


Eliava BioPreparations recognizes the importance of animal health in the One Health framework. The company's use of bacteriophages extends to veterinary applications, offering a sustainable and targeted approach to combat bacterial infections in animals. By leveraging the specificity of bacteriophages, the company aims to develop safer and more effective treatments for animals, thereby enhancing their well-being and minimizing the use of traditional antibiotics. This not only benefits individual animals but also contributes to reducing the overall burden of antimicrobial resistance in veterinary medicine.


The environment plays a pivotal role in the spread of antimicrobial resistance. Traditional antibiotic use can lead to the release of resistant bacteria into the environment, further exacerbating the problem. Eliava Biopreparations' focus on sustainable solutions aligns with environmental preservation. By using bacteriophages, which target specific bacteria without affecting non-target organisms, the company aims to reduce the ecological impact of antimicrobial use. This approach contributes to safeguarding ecosystems and preserving the delicate balance of microbial communities in various environments.

Food Safety

Food safety is intricately linked to antimicrobial resistance, as the use of antibiotics in agriculture can lead to the emergence of resistant bacteria in the food chain. Eliava Biopreparations' mission encompasses food safety by advocating for the responsible use of antimicrobials and promoting alternative solutions like bacteriophages. By working towards safer agricultural practices and exploring phage-based interventions, the company strives to enhance food safety and reduce the potential for antibiotic-resistant pathogens to enter the human food supply.

In essence, Eliava Biopreparations is a trailblazer in the field of bacteriophage therapy, with a strong commitment to combating antimicrobial resistance across multiple sectors. The company's holistic approach, rooted in the One Health concept, addresses interconnected challenges in human health, animal care, and the environment. Through international collaborations, research advancements, and the development of accessible treatments, Eliava Biopreparations is actively contributing to the realization of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and leaving a lasting impact on global health, veterinary care, environmental well-being, and food safety.