Bacteriophages, often called phages for short, are tiny viruses that have a special ability: they infect bacteria. They do this by latching onto bacteria and injecting their genetic material, essentially taking control of the bacterial inner workings. As a result, the infected bacteria are destroyed in the process. Bacteriophages play a significant role in controlling bacterial populations in nature and have potential uses in areas such as medicine, agriculture, and research. The use of Bacteriophages is highly innovative due to their very nature. In contrast to antibiotics, phages can effectively destroy dangerous pathogens without harming useful bacteria in the environment in which they find themselves, as well as self-replicating to tackle all of the existing targets.

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Yes, research and development are integral to our work at Eliava Biopreparations. We are committed to advancing the field of phage therapy through ongoing research, clinical studies, and collaborations with leading institutions. We strive to continually improve our products and explore new applications for bacteriophage preparations.

Bacteriophages produced by Eliava Biopreparations can be purchased at the Eliava authorized pharmacy and other pharmacy chains in Georgia. For wholesale purchases, please contact us at - info@phage.ge 

Yes, bacteriophage preparations are also used in veterinary medicine to treat bacterial infections in animals. They offer a potential alternative for cases where traditional antibiotics may be less effective or when antibiotic resistance is a concern.

The selection of a specific bacteriophage preparation depends on various factors, including the type of infection, the bacterial strain involved, and the patient's individual circumstances.

Bacteriophage preparations are not intended to completely replace antibiotics but rather provide an alternative or adjunct therapy, especially in cases where antibiotic resistance is a concern. Bacteriophages can be used in combination with antibiotics or as a standalone therapy, depending on the specific infection and patient condition.

Bacteriophage preparations can be effective against a wide range of bacterial infections. They have shown promise in treating infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including those associated with skin and soft tissue, respiratory tract, urinary tract, gastrointestinal system, and more. Bacteriophage therapy is being explored for both human and animal health applications.

Yes, bacteriophage preparations are generally considered safe. Bacteriophages are naturally occurring viruses that coexist with bacteria in the environment. They are highly specific in targeting bacteria and do not harm human cells. Extensive research and testing are conducted to ensure the safety and efficacy of bacteriophage preparations before they are made available for use.

Bacteriophage preparations work by specifically infecting and killing targeted bacteria. Bacteriophages attach to the surface of bacteria, inject their genetic material, and replicate. This eventually leads to the destruction of the bacteria, effectively eliminating the infection.

Bacteriophage preparations are products that contain bacteriophages, which are natural viruses that can target and destroy specific bacteria. These preparations are developed to harness the therapeutic potential of bacteriophages in treating bacterial infections.