Georgia: Lifesaving Viruses And Rangers Without Borders

Georgia Episode 2 takes us through majestic mountains to a unique predator to the capital, where we encounter ancient yet innovative medicine. Welcome to Explore, the National Geographic Podcast! These are our topics:

Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness, and there are more and more multi-resistant pathogens worldwide. So what to do when antibiotics just don’t work for a person anymore? The answer could lie in Georgia: a treatment with bacteriophages! Naturally occurring viruses that kill bacteria. Viruses that save lives? One of our themes.

And we take you to a research project in the breathtaking nature of Georgia. Rangers without borders is an alliance of rangers across the borders of Georgia. The work of the rangers is so important and yet undervalued. You hear how dangerous the everyday life of Rangers Without Borders actually is and meet the Caucasian leopard in Georgia.

All this in our second episode “Science and Nature” in the theme month Georgia.
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